Affirmation Angel


Our Angel


Affirmation Cards 


Series one has been an exciting  adventure for our fun loving angel and one that we hope you share with her. 

Eight cards, laminated to ensure durability. 

These cards cover many aspects of your life.






Place them in obvious places so you will see them and say them repeatedly. Say them daily and often. 





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Free pouch with all boxed cards








Simple affirmations from the boxed set of affirmation cards.  

If you are thinking of a small gift for that special friend,

 look no further than a positive affirmation bookmark.

Choose one of the affirmations or buy all 8 to give to friends


  Quotes include. 

"My body is fit and healthy."

"Money comes easily to me."

"I find happiness in all I do." 

 "I meet every challenge."

 "I am successful at all I do."

"My talents are always being used"

 "I am confident, vibrant and energetic."  




Angel Aims and Angel Notes

 four lovely angel colours, rose, lemon, spearmint and lilac.          



    Angel Aims

This is a lined page for you to list your goals and aims. Use daily to remind you what you need to achieve in the day. Set daily, weekly and yearly goals. Always make your goals relevent and realistic.

Angel Notes

An unlined notepad. Both notepads have the same affirmation and angel as the affirmation cards and bookmarks.

The same 8 angels repeat all the way though the pad.

Be sure to repeat your affirmations daily

Stay positive.


Angel Non Woven Bags.


Our angel is very aware of the environment, after all she can see what is happening a lotbetter than us. Let her help you brighten your shopping day with this environmentally friendly, bright candy pink and white striped carry bag.

 A great little bag to use as a gift bag.

We love this little bag; use it for taking things to work, play or the beach.

Our quirky, fun loving angel is printed along the bottom on both sides.


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