Affirmation Angel


 About  Affirmations

 Affirmations are statements we make to help to stay focused.

 In our society we find it acceptable to say negative things and not think twice about it.

We are taught from little ones not to be vain, not to brag, to be modest, 

quiet and socially acceptable. 

We say things like: Oh I'm silly. I'm so forgetful.

I'm always broke, I'm not clever, and so on.

 Eventually you believe what you have been saying and it manifests into your life.


Change is possible


If your destiny is to be an Olympian you need to work and train.

To have a positive life you need to start training.

Reversing a negative attitude may take a little while,

but it may amaze you how quick it can be.


Start making positive statements about yourself, making small adjustments

in the things you take on board. Write down your goals, everyday.

Write small goals, write big goals, but start to write them.

 Get affirmation cards, put them all over the house,

read them often until you know them by heart.


 Believe them.

You'll be amazed how much potential you have. Be creative, stay positive.

One thing you can guarantee is that by this time next year things

will have changed, be they good or bad changes, it's up to you.



Good Luck